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20 August 2010 1 comment

I recently switched from Canon to become a Nikon user and I’m in de process of rebuilding my kit ;-). My latest investment is a macro lens and of course you have to experiment a little with new stuff:

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water droplets

17 August 2010 Leave a comment

A little while ago a few of my colleague photo club members and I started a little project on photographing water droplets. We had been reading on it and had seen some examples. You don’t need a lot of kit or a difficult setup. And the good thing is: you can all do it during one night. Which is good when you try to find a free spot in the calendar of five people :-).

After practising a little and getting the light right the shooting could start! Here are my results:

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Some more winter…

2 April 2010 Leave a comment

Although spring is finally there and temperatures are getting up again, I would like to post one more winter shot. It’s taken on Glacier 3000 near Gstaad in Switzerland. I was up there on a beautiful winter day that started with a bright blue sky. During the day however the weather started to change and dark, grey clouds moved in. The shot below is still a colour photo! Only minor adjustments are made in Lightroom.

I used this picture for the assignment on minimalism within our photo club. You can check the results of my fellow photographers here!

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20 December 2009 2 comments

It’s finally winter in Europe! Snow is coming down in huge quantities and the Netherlands might actually have a white Christmas for the first time in 28 years. I’m looking forward to it! This weekend I’ve been testing a camera. I went to Konstanz in the South of Germany… planned to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt… but the temperature soon dropped below -10°C and the Weihnachtsmarkt was no fun… too cold! During the night temperatures in Germany dropped to -30°C. A new record. On our way back to the car we passed this little terrace…

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29 October 2009 4 comments

Hi everyone! Recently our Photoclub went on a field trip. We took off to a shipyard in Grave (Netherlands) where we were able to walk around, take pictures. We were even aloud to go onto (or rather into) a ship under construction. It is going to be a cruise boat on the larger rivers in Europe. It was nice to see the process of building… the back was almost done with cabins and all. The front was still a large, empty steel room. I liked the details that could be found on this shipyard. Below some examples. We finished the day with a Djembé session (African drums, makes you fingers hurt!) and a BBQ. Great day and compliments to the committee for organising this!

Shipyard detail and another one...

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11 October 2009 Leave a comment

Beautiful flowers on the Island of Mainau, near Konstanz in Germany. I visited this island in September, when the dahlias were in bloom. Hundreds of different kinds all in different colours. Really beautiful!

Beautiful Dahlias

Beautiful Dahlias

As you may have noticed, I will be continuing this blog in English. I have a few international readers and Dutch is a bit hard for them to read. Please feel free to leave me comment (either in Dutch, English or German)!

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de herfst komt alweer dichterbij

30 July 2009 1 comment

Onlangs genomen tijdens een lekkere zomerwandeling… de herfst komt alweer dichterbij…


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